Anonymous asked:

My tolerance for Jared has waned. I dislike his views, he likes to offend people. There can be women in tv shows without having romances.


While it’s absolutely fine to love a celebrity and then be sort of turned off by them when you get to know them more or to simply tire of them - goodness knows I’ve done that a thousand and one times - I feel the need to stand up for Jared here because he did nothing wrong today. He did not say that the reason most shows focus on romance is because of women and women are not good for anything but romance. Let me repeat myself: he did NOT SAY that. Almost every female that’s appeared on the show, except for a small handful, have been given stories that do not revolve around romance. They have been strong, powerful, willful women who didn’t need a man to stand up and save them. However the fact is that on most tv shows, when a man and women are paired, there is a 99.9999% chance that the core of the show is their budding romance. Jared stated that Supernatural has avoided that and has been able to focus on not just male relationships, but also relationships with females that don’t necessarily revolve around romance.

Capiche? He was not insulting women, he was not being sexist, he was stating a fact that Supernatural is about relationships, male and female, not romance.

And he does not like to offend people. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and let’s face it, most people say what they think and don’t consider the consequences or who they might offend. Everyone wants to scream their opinions but doesn’t want the person next to them to have a say. So instead of jumping down his throat and assuming things about him, if you don’t like him anymore, please feel free to just step away and ignore it. When I ‘fell out of like’ with various actors, I didn’t create a list of reasons why I didn’t or what they should have done differently to make me like them more. I just moved on. Too many people on Tumblr don’t know how to move on so they continue to create hatred and rumors based on absolutely nothing. Please don’t be that way, my friend. If you don’t share his views and no longer care for what he says, blacklist his name and enjoy Tumblr - don’t create problems. Jared is an amazing guy and he deserves nothing less than to be respected, even if you don’t agree with everything he says.